Preventative Maintenance


Plumbing is always a major concern for both tenants and condo boards as maintenance, repairs, or renovations can affect multiple units at a time and can cause extensive damage to the units.

It’s important that your tenants are aware of proper drainage policies, so as not to unnecessarily cause pipe decay by disposing of materials down the drain. Items such as grease, fat, food particles, and a number of other materials can cause full or partial blockages that could eventually deteriorate pipes.

It is recommended that every building undergo what’s called drain stack cleaning or inspection at least once a year to flush any debris from the drains and prevent moldy, stagnant water from forming in pipes.  Since pipes and valves are so close together in condo units, specialized knowledge of condo drain stack cleaning is required to minimize damage to both the pipes and units.

We also recommend that each of our regular clients perform Back Flow Prevention Testing to prevent drinking water contamination.  See this link for details from the City of Toronto:  City of Toronto Backflow Prevention Program.

We also advise regular boiler cleaning and catch basin cleaning.

We Keep Our Clients On Schedule With Preventative Maintenance!

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